The Cost of Everything

The Cost of the Olympics

August 07, 2021 Season 3 Episode 6
The Cost of Everything
The Cost of the Olympics
Show Notes

Happy birthday! The podcast is officially a year old! This week I talk about the Olympic games, how much they cost, and why comparing across different games is fraught with errors.

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 I will be reverting to an episode every two weeks!

Really nice graphic on the Visual Capitalist website illustrating how many types of cognitive bias we are exposed to: LINK

Forbes article on Olympic cost overruns: LINK

Article by  C. Frank Zarnowski on how to calculate historical cost of the Olympics: LINK

Article by Bent Flyvberg on the Oxford Said Business School website: LINK

Safeguarding of Value of the Olympics Games report by the International Olympic Committee: LINK

The IOC video "Discover the economics of the Olympic Games": LINK

Errors I made in the episode: at one point I said the cost of Covid on the Olympic games was 2.8 million dollars, I meant 2.8 billion! I also said the whole cost of the Tokyo Olympics is estimated at 28 million dollars, I meant 28 billion dollars. Blame sleep deprivation!